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Monday 20 February 2012

Daily Draw 20

Just a quick post to get the ball rolling for tonight - there are lots of photographs of shiny new decks to be taken, in preparation for tomorrow's Psycards feature!  

3 Of Bats/Swords

Interference is in store wherever you find the three of swords. The card warns of turmoil, heartbreak and bad news - and often indicates the presence of a third party, or unseen circumstance, as the root cause. It is a card of betrayal, isolation, and a feeling of being unable to reach out and connect with others. The message here is to be very careful in choosing the company you keep, and be careful who you trust. Expect shocking revelations!

Tomorrow: The Psycards Debut!

Friday 16 September 2011

Daily Draw 19

Tarot Card Drawn:

Ace Of Ghosts (Ace of Cups)

Today looks to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, according to the reversed Ace of Cups - a classic indicator of emotional upheaval, repressed feelings, disappointment and melodrama. The message today is not to go with the emotions, especially when it comes to decision making, as today the heart cannot be trusted. This card hints at mood swings - very much me today! - and instability, but also chaos in relationships, as misinterpretations abound. Where this card arises, you can often expect to have 'one of those days', and find yourself with a bad case of the blues.

ZK Cards Drawn:


Such passion in two little cards! Interestingly, the contrast between these two strongly emotional cards reinforces the Ace of Cups, strengthening the theme of runaway emotions. It may be a good idea to find some way to channel these conflicting feelings - perhaps through creative expression, or vigorous exercise. Certainly, it is not a good time for making commitments, and expressing feelings, as both are likely to be misguided, or misunderstood. Perhaps the best course of action is to wait out the storm.

Thursday 15 September 2011

Daily Draw 18

Tarot Card Drawn:


I seem to draw the Death card - not just the Tarot one but it's Oracle deck equivalents, too - fairly regularly. And when a card turns up frequently enough, you have to start asking questions.

Death, as we all know, is a card of rebirth. It suggests we let go of outdated ways of thinking, bad habits and unhealthy situations. Often, it indicates a person, factor or situation which has outstayed it's welcome, and advises that we take action, lest we learn our lesson the hard way.

It's continued appearance in my personal readings is clearly a sign that something must be done. The change must come from within. As someone who keeps meaning to do things, like quit smoking and take better care of my health, I would do well to heed its warnings.

ZWK Cards Drawn:


Something is about to head in a new and interesting direction. Combined with the Death card above, I think this is a case of out with the old, and in with the new. Older influences are fading out, and fresh opportunities and attitudes are approaching. The message here, then, is not to worry about letting things go - I am reminded of the old adage that when God closes a door, He opens a window, and while I myself am not religious, it certainly fits.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Daily Draw 17

Tarot Card Drawn:

Four of Pumpkins (Pentacles)

This card often presents us with a choice. Do we cling to what we have, or invest in the possibility of even greater gains? Are you happy with what you have, is it worth gambling for the chance of better things? When I see the Four of Pentacles, I ask myself whether I have become complacent in some way. The status quo brings us comfort, but no surprises. Sometimes, to get what we really want, we must sacrifice what we already have. This card suggests that if we are willing to endure an interim period of hardship or discomfort, we have a chance at the big prize. You have to speculate to accumulate, after all.

ZWK Cards Drawn:


There seem to be a few ways of interpreting this. The first is quite clear. When we are lacking something, it is easy to become resentful of those who have it - to feel wronged and cheated by those who covet what we so desire. But doing so will bring us no closer to our goals. The cards in this light are a reminder to focus on what you can do to achieve your goals, rather than wasting time on petty jealousy. They also warn us that often these things only seem so attractive because they are unobtainable - jealousy breeds desire.

The second way to interpret the combination is wanting to be envied, seeking the jealousy of others to boost our own self esteem, and validate the worth of who we are and what we may have. Do not appraise yourself with the eyes of others.

Today, then, is a day to be grateful of what we already have, but not complacent - and to see the success of others as an inspiration, rather than a threat.

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Daily Draw 16

Tarot Card Drawn:

The High Priestess

Clearly, there is more to today than meets the eye! Unsaid words, undiscovered secrets and hidden factors abound. Yet, in a moment of stillness, clarity is still possible. The High Priestess reminds us that if we are wise, if we can distinguish between true intuition and delusion or paranoia, all the answers we seek are well within our reach. Often, information comes to us impure: we edit what we see, hear and feel, our experiences and knowledge passing through the filters of common sense, past experience and rationality. If we can put these aside, listen without prejudice to the messages of the universe, there often exists a raw and powerful wisdom.

ZWK Cards Drawn:


This card combination suggests that I may be clinging to outdated emotions and grudges. Perhaps something is going to aggravate my temper or try my patience. If so, it is not worth it. It is important not to hold onto the past, especially those parts which hurt and weaken us. There may be a cause which is simply not worth fighting anymore. The cards may also suggest frustration at the end of a situation, but there are things in life which cannot be controlled. The message here seems to be that crying and wailing never fixed anything - sometimes all you can do is dust yourself off, and move on.

Thursday 8 September 2011

Daily Draw 15

Tarot Card Drawn:

The Devil

Firstly, say hello to my newest deck, now "reading ready": The Hallowe'en Tarot, by Kipling West.

I find this card interesting, as I know that today I will very likely be placed in a situation where I must bite my tongue, and not get involved.

So how does the Devil relate to this?

Often, this card indicates a need to control base impulses and desires. As The Devil often represents the unthinking, sometimes destructive force of nature (in our own hearts as well as the world around us), I believe the card is all about temper today. In life, we frequently have to choose between what we would like or feel compelled to do, and what we know is right. I think that in the context of the coming evening, this card asks: Yes, reacting without thought may make you feel better, but what will it achieve? If you cannot contribute constructively to a situation, it is sometimes best to back away - to save ourselves from making a bad situation much much worse. It also indicates a potential for temptation and the abuse of power.

ZWK Cards Drawn:


Well, I don't like this! I have actually been invited to a friend's house today, so this doesn't really bode well...of course, we must take a closer look. The combination can be interpreted in many ways: will the visit cause sadness, or are we visiting someone who is sad? The meaning could also be metaphorical, indicating that we will be visited by sadness. At times like this, I often draw a third card, to clarify:

Unexpected Joy

The third, clarifying card indicates an end to this aforementioned sadness. Perhaps the real message here is that it is possible to lift the spirits of others, simply by being there. A melancholy situation or attitude can be expected to turn suddenly around, into something really positive.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Daily Draw 14

Tarot Card Drawn:

Two Of Pentacles

I'm pretty sure every woman understands this card! It is about juggling, not just financially (i.e finding a way to to pay the bills and still eat, or somehow affording a new hairdo and still fixing the car), but sometimes in terms of managing your time and emotional resources. When I see this card, I know that a balance can be achieved - but I also know that it won't be easy, and I may shortly start to feel like a rather overworked plate spinner, trying to keep everything up in the air. The card, then, is one of empowerment, and it's message is a rather positive one: it will be tough, but darn it, you CAN do it!

ZWK drawn:


I will admit to tilting my head and sighing like a big girl when I saw these cards today!

On a simple level, it may be read as true, or righteous love. A revelation of the heart's desire, or the basic good nature of someone's affections.

As I am not religious in any traditional sense, I tend to follow popular thinking in associating Ecclesiastic with the Hierophant of the Tarot deck, which makes it much easier to interpret. So in this light, the combination may also be interpreted as romantic advice offered, or the correct path revealed. Of course, for the more spiritually inclined it may also refer to a passion for religious or spiritual pursuits.

But for me - spending a romantic day in with my better half - the meaning seems rather clear! ;)